Survey – Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo: Use of Parks and Green Spaces During Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the lives of Johannesburg’s different communities. Periods of stringent lockdown and shifts in the ways in which people are able to access opportunities, work, live and move within the city have also seen changes in the use of parks and green spaces.

The City of Johannesburg’s parks and green space agency, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ), is conducting this survey to understand how those who live and work in the city have been using City-run parks and green spaces (including nature reserves, koppies and botanical gardens) during this period. JCPZ hopes to understand how these spaces are being used and what new needs are emerging.

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of open space – and with this, the opportunities that parks and green spaces could provide. JCPZ would like to use this research process to inform their COVID-19 recovery programmes, and to improve the design and management of City-run parks and green spaces so that they are more welcoming, inclusive, and better able to meet everyone’s needs. Consolidated findings will be shared via the website,

These are your parks and green spaces. JCPZ would love to hear from you and your stakeholders! As such, JCPZ would greatly appreciate it if your organization could distribute the link to this survey across your networks. The survey can be accessed here or by cutting and pasting this link:

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary.

By completing the survey, participants will also have the opportunity to enter a lucky draw for a number of giveaways: 15 picnic hampers; 25 picnic blankets; 50 vouchers for entrance into the Johannesburg Zoo.

Should you have any questions, please send these to the following email address:

JCPZ would like to thank you in advance for your assistance with this process.

Ayanda Roji
GM: Corporate Research And Knowledge Management

Proposed extensions to the Gauteng Rapid Rail Integrated Network (GRRIN)

The public is requested to submit comments on the proposed extensions to the Gauteng Rapid Rail Integrated Network (GRRIN) by 15 August 2021. View technical and route information and comment by following the links on the Gautrain website HERE

There will be further opportunities to make submissions as the development of the project progresses.

Here’s the phase one route Gautrain are envisioning (Little Falls to Marlboro) as the first step towards enhancing the Gautrain rapid rail system that links Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni:

The route will start at the new Little Falls station, which will be located to the east of Hendrik Potgieter Road in Willowbrook.
Leaving Little Falls station, the route will follow a north-easterly direction towards Zandspruit, where it will pass to the west of Jackal Creek Golf Estate.
The route will then change to a south-easterly direction where it will run to the new Cosmo City elevated station.
Leaving Cosmo City station, the route will continue in a south-easterly direction towards the new Randburg underground station, passing through North Riding, Olivedale, Bryanston and Ferndale.
The route will continue in a south-easterly direction through Randburg, Bordeaux and Hurlingham.
Once it has reached Sandhurst, the route will change direction towards the existing Sandton station (upgraded underground station).
Leaving Sandton station, the route will run in a north-easterly direction through Sandton, Sandown, Marlboro and Alexandra towards the existing Marlboro station, which will be upgraded.

VettedAfrica Webinar

Please join JPOMA for a webinar on a new and exciting company called VettedAfrica.

VettedAfrica is an online contractor and service provider vetting system. This software allows clients to keep tabs on the contractors and service providers they use in their businesses. The system sends automated responses when contractors’ documents are outdated or expiring, keeping them and the client compliant.

The webinar will cover how the system is linked to the VettedAfrica and JPOMA websites, potentially creating exposure of the contractor databases to each JPOMA member.

Date: Thursday 29th July 2021
Time: 10am

Please email for the webinar link (or recording).

City to revalue looted properties

The City realises the impact that the recent looting incidents have on already struggling property owners. It urges its customers to approach CoJ to have their damaged properties revalued.

The Municipal Property Rates Act allows for such to take place. A supplementary valuation can be done with effect from the date of occurrence. This will be done under Sect 78 (1)(d) (value substantially increased or decreased) of the Municipal Property Rates Act.

The damaged building will be valued taking into consideration the extent of the damage done, including how long it might take to repair as well as the cost to repair, which can be obtained with assistance of the owner. It should be noted that the damages referred to must be to the structure of the building.

An inspection would be done by valuation staff to establish the extent of the damage and the cost to repair. Once repairs have been completed, the property will be revalued again.

Customers may email or dial 011 407-6622 or 011 407-6597 to obtain more information.

Once completed, the application form may be emailed to with the following supporting documentation:
• Damage report for the cost of the repairs to the structure of the building; and
• Time frame for completion of repairs to the structure of the building.

Issued by:
Group Finance
City of Joburg

A call to fly the SA flag

A call to fly the SA flag

As a member of F.I.R.M, JPOMA would like to reiterate the call for property owners and tenants across the city to fly the South African flag from their buildings or display a South African flag on their premises.

“In these unprecedented times of violence, illness and turmoil the Forum of Integrated Risk Mitigation (F.I.R.M.) in partnership with its corporate members and partners would like to call on all our neighbours to hang or display the South African flag.

This simple act serves to demonstrate our solidarity and spirit of Ubuntu, to emphasize the immense resilience that our diverse and unique nation holds.

Further this act serves as a tribute to all those on the front line; communities, law enforcement personnel, security members, health care workers, emergency response and fire fighters, and all those who have been impacted by the hardships of the current situation.

Please share your flags with us by posting pictures on social media under the #lovesouthafrica or through our regular communication channels;

United we shall rebuild our country, ensuring a brighter future for all!”