Building Managers Course

JPOMA will be running a final Building Managers Course for the year. The full course outline can be found in the brochure:

Session one consisting of 3 days: 09 November 2021 – 11 November 2021
Session two consisting of 3 days: 7 December 2021 – 9 December 2021
Submission of assignments: 31 January 2022

Students must attend both session one and session two in order to complete the course.

Please complete the enrolment form. All applications are due by 5 November 2021

Testimonials For Previous IHSS Building Managers Course

The course was very informative and well structured. The facilitator was excellent in presenting the course. She kept you involved and made the content easily understandable. Never had a boring moment. I measured myself against the content to see where I stand as a building manager and was about 90% spot on. I will definitely recommend the course to any new and experienced building managers. You are never too old to learn. Personally, I enjoyed the course very much.
Jaco – Ponte

It was nice to have receive training in Building Management. I really did enjoy it. You taught us in a way that we all understood. Your patience and your generosity was more acceptable. I would refer other people to learn with you. Keep up the good teaching.
Lazarus – Zahavi

I really enjoyed my time with IHSS, I got to learn a lot about the course and the expectations of being a B.M. I have learned a lot of things through the course, now I have full understanding and the requirements in the property industry. Now I’m a fully qualified B.M all thanks to you, now I can resolve and understand the problem we will go through in the property industry.
Seipati – Zahavi

Thank you very much for the certificate, the class was so inspiring. I enjoyed all the sessions with you Angel, you made the lesson so fun and interesting. Thank you again for the support and for explaining the difficult parts during the sessions.
Patrick – Atlas Studios

Webinar Recording & Presentations: Heat Pumps

On Thursday 7 October, Angela Rivers hosted a JPOMA webinar on Heat Pumps.
Find a recording of the Webinar on YouTube HERE

Michelle Dickens (TPN)
JPOMA Update

Trinesh Chanka (Izazi Wet Services Engineers)
How heat pumps work and basic heat pump design

Bruce Thomas (EESCO)
Heat pump options and add on

Sampras de Wet (Divercity)
Financial implications

Shaun Streaton (UTF)
Developer’s Perspective

COJ launches e-Joburg portal

The first phase of COJ’s online portal will allow ratepayers to receive, manage and pay municipal accounts online.

“Zenzele is an online self-service portal for ratepayers to access and pay bills, lodge a query and interact with the City from the comfort of their homes. Ratepayers will no longer have to visit a walk-in centre or call the City’s call centre. They can now easily make payments and conveniently manage municipal accounts through the improved billing system.”

Visit for more information or to register.