Vetted Suppliers

Become a Vetted Africa Candidate

Ensuring Contractors and service providers compliance is a time consuming and daunting task
for most companies, IHSS takes on that task on behalf of the client.

Vetted Africa is a platform that not only connects clients with compliant service providers but
also creates exposure to give them a competitive edge in the market in a extremely competitive

The Mission of this service is to facilitate the empowerment of service providers through
confirming their compliance to increase competitiveness as they are discovered and give clients
the opportunity to discover compliant contractors and service providers leading to reduced risk,
liability and delays.

How it Works:

Step-by-step guide on how to get vetted

Approved candidates will be loaded to the Vetted Africa and JPOMA website.

Contact IHSS Group for more information:

Dale: +27 74 020 4157
Landline: +27 11 465 5086