City to revalue looted properties

The City realises the impact that the recent looting incidents have on already struggling property owners. It urges its customers to approach CoJ to have their damaged properties revalued.

The Municipal Property Rates Act allows for such to take place. A supplementary valuation can be done with effect from the date of occurrence. This will be done under Sect 78 (1)(d) (value substantially increased or decreased) of the Municipal Property Rates Act.

The damaged building will be valued taking into consideration the extent of the damage done, including how long it might take to repair as well as the cost to repair, which can be obtained with assistance of the owner. It should be noted that the damages referred to must be to the structure of the building.

An inspection would be done by valuation staff to establish the extent of the damage and the cost to repair. Once repairs have been completed, the property will be revalued again.

Customers may email or dial 011 407-6622 or 011 407-6597 to obtain more information.

Once completed, the application form may be emailed to with the following supporting documentation:
• Damage report for the cost of the repairs to the structure of the building; and
• Time frame for completion of repairs to the structure of the building.

Issued by:
Group Finance
City of Joburg

A call to fly the SA flag

A call to fly the SA flag

As a member of F.I.R.M, JPOMA would like to reiterate the call for property owners and tenants across the city to fly the South African flag from their buildings or display a South African flag on their premises.

“In these unprecedented times of violence, illness and turmoil the Forum of Integrated Risk Mitigation (F.I.R.M.) in partnership with its corporate members and partners would like to call on all our neighbours to hang or display the South African flag.

This simple act serves to demonstrate our solidarity and spirit of Ubuntu, to emphasize the immense resilience that our diverse and unique nation holds.

Further this act serves as a tribute to all those on the front line; communities, law enforcement personnel, security members, health care workers, emergency response and fire fighters, and all those who have been impacted by the hardships of the current situation.

Please share your flags with us by posting pictures on social media under the #lovesouthafrica or through our regular communication channels;

United we shall rebuild our country, ensuring a brighter future for all!”

Review of Municipal Planning By-Law 2016

The Land Use Development Management Directorate, together with Group Legal and Contracts, are in the process of reviewing/amending the City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning By-Law 2016.

To make the process robust and inclusive, the Department of Development Planning hereby calls for input, suggestions and contributions from residents, ratepayers associations, City Councillors and the general public. You are encouraged to make detailed inputs that will assist the City in the review and amendment of the By-Laws, to make them user-friendly and attract investors to Johannesburg.

Please send inputs/suggestions to, no later than 30 July 2021.

It should be noted that this is a preliminary call for comments and inputs from everyone which will then be used to prepare a draft revised bylaw which will then be subjected to further public participation and engagement.

JPOMA Webinar: How to find tenants and keep them

JPOMA hosted a webinar on 5 July 2021 on How To Find Tenants and Keep Them.

Michelle Dickens from TPN presented updated Inner City Stats:

Unemployment and Covid Economic Challenges – Andrew Schaefer (Trafalgar)
Rationalising rentals to attract demand – Renney Plit (Plitvest)
Best Tenant Service Delivery (The tenant experience) – Shaun Streaton (UTF)
Making your building stand out – Angela Rivers
How Airbnb survived lockdown – Angela Rivers
Finding Tenants – Gil Sperling (Flow)
Track and Trace – Kagiso Olifant (Dokime)

Watch the recording of the webinar HERE.