IDP Community Based Planning

The City of Joburg will be engaging its stakeholders to give feedback on the 2021/22 approved IDP and to take comments and inputs for the 2022/23 IDP through a Community Based Planning (CBP) approach.

The meetings will be conducted through hybrid platforms to ensure all stakeholders in the city are afforded the opportunity to make inputs. Click on the link, in the document attached, to access the virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams.

2022 IDP CBP Schedule (All Regions)

JPOMA IDP Submission

JPOMA submission for Johannesburg Draft IDP and Budget.

(JPOMA retained the services of Andrew Barker Development Consultant to assist in putting this document together.)

Purpose of the submission:

To illustrate the impact of increases being proposed in the services charges and fees contained in the IDP and budget on the poor and vulnerable communities being accommodated in affordable housing;

To summarise and demonstrate the potential implications for the provision of affordable housing in the Inner City and other areas of Johannesburg;

Request to mitigate the cumulative effect of the historical and current non-inflationary increases in charges that are now being further exacerbated by the impacts of Covid_19.