The JPOMA Annual General Meeting was held on 17 June 2021.
The following directors were appointed, with Nic Barnes remaining as Chairman;

Nic Barnes – Re-elected Director and Chairman
Renney Plit – Re-elected Director
Shaun Streaton – Re-elected Director
Mark Taitz – Re-elected Director
Andrew Schaefer – Re-elected Director
Gregory Papadopulos – Re-elected Director
Gustav Holtzhausen – Newly Elected and accepted
Kevin van den Heever – Newly Elected and accepted
Gloria Twaise – Newly Elected and accepted
Katherine Cox – Newly Elected and accepted
Mendel Goldman – Newly Elected, to be accepted
Care de Witt or Grant Harris – Newly Elected, to be accepted

Resignation – Rian Reyneke

Please click HERE for a recording of the meeting.