Daily Maverick Webinar: After the Fire

Daily Maverick Webinar: After the Fire

How did the Albert Street fire start, could it have been prevented and how do we ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Join Daily Maverick associate editor Ferial Haffajee, partner at Savage + Dodd Architects Heather Dodd and human rights activist Andy Chinnah this Thursday, 12 October, at 12pm SAST. This webinar will explore the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that arise in the wake of a catastrophic incident, inviting participants to envision a resilient and vibrant future for Johannesburg.


Webinar: Biometric access control system

JPOMA hosted a webinar on a newly developed and tested biometric access control system.

The system was commissioned and tested by Renney Plit (Plitvest), drawing on his years of experience and expertise to develop a system that works for residential properties. He partnered with Binary City and Mezuzah and they have spent considerable time creating a system that not only works but also has various security elements to prevent overcrowding and other challenges.

Watch the recording of the webinar on Youtube: https://youtu.be/TFj4tBXxMuc

Going Tech Webinar Recording

Please find below the various links and contact information relating to the webinar that JPOMA hosted on “Going Tech”.

Webinar Recording (Youtube)

Ikigai Engineering
Devaksha Maharaj
Email: devaksha@ikigaiengineering.co.za
Website: http://www.ikigaiengineering.co.za

Unimet Metering
Ronald Sorban: rrs@unimetsystems.co.za
Larisa Bullock: larisa.b@unimetsystems.co.za

Smart Matter
Bradley Case
Email: bradley.case@smartmatter.co.za
Website: https://www.smartmatter.co.za

KSS Technologies
Andre Maree 
Email: andrem@kss.co.za