Review of CoJ Land Use Scheme

Residents and stakeholders are urged to participate in the review of the City of Johannesburg’s Land Use Scheme

The Department of Development Planning in the City of Johannesburg has called for a pre
consultation process as part of the review of the City’s Land Use Scheme policy of 2018.
The Land Use Scheme (LUS) is a legislative tool used by the City to guide and manage
development in accordance with the City’s vision, strategies, and policies.

It promotes sustainable development and quality of life for all its residents.
The LUS further outlines the development rights that are assigned to different properties and
provides property owners with a variety of possibilities for developing their properties through
various applications.

The first City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme, as set out in Section 24(1) of the Spatial
Planning Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA), became formerly operational on 01 February 2019.

In terms of Section 27(1) of SPLUMA, the municipality is required to review its land use
scheme at least every five years.

Considering the above, the City has started a five-year review of the policy, which was first
approved by Council on 31 October 2018 and became operational on 01 February 2019.
The Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Development Planning in the City of
Johannesburg, Cllr Eunice Mgcina, said that the City’s Land Use Scheme was an important
planning tool used to regulate land use development in the City’s municipal area.

She called on residents and interested parties to participate in the review of the policy.
“I wish to call on all residents and all interested stakeholders to participate in this process to
make it as robust and inclusive as possible. We welcome all contributions, suggestions, or input
from all interested parties. We will ensure that these are considered during the review.
“I encourage all residents and our partners in development to make detailed inputs that will
assist the City in the reviewing and amending of the Land Use Scheme to make it user friendly
and investor friendly.“Ultimately, our goal is to arrive at a policy that will not only be inclusive but one that will also help us bring much-needed services to our residents to better their lives,” added MMC Mgcina.

Inputs and suggestions should be sent to: no
later than 04 April 2024.

Interested parties are invited to attend an information session on Wednesday, 13 March
2024, from 10:00 to 12:00 on MS Teams by contacting Marietjie Reinecke on 082 417 5705

Residents and interested stakeholders should please note that this is not a call for final
comment. Formal public participation processes will be conducted once the City’s Department
of Development Planning has completed the Draft Land Use Scheme amendments.